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05 March 2017 @ 10:34 am
Happy Birthday, Julie!
I hope you have a wonderful day today!!
Love and birthday hugs!
04 March 2017 @ 09:50 am
I am doing very well with the new eating habits.
I got on the scale this morning and I am down a total of 9 lbs!! One more pound and I will be under 200!!!!
I am very excited. It is going slow, but that is fine. I am not killing myself to do this. It is just happening.
Still doing well with no symptoms of gall bladder issues...or any that bother me, at least. We will see what the doc says later this month.

So today, I will get a movie from Red Box then head over to my sister's some time around 3 or so. I have to stop at Joann's to get a couple skeins of floss for my latest cross stitch project. A pink rose.
I will bring something for a snack to sister's but I don't know what yet.
I don't think Victoria will be on PBS tonight. It was not on last Sunday (because of the Oscars, I think) Tomorrow night will be the season finale. Darn. I love my PBS Brit TV Saturday nights...

I just got the paperwork from Ditech (mortgage company) to fill out for direct payment withdrawals from my bank. Easy enough to fill out. I have not heard back from Ocwen, the *other* financial company who does the actual withdrawals....I will have to call them to find out what the hell is going on. sighs.

I got the bill from the Walk In Clinic I went to on Jan 31, for my gall bladder issues. It was $325.30 plus a $50 lab fee. My insurance paid an adjustment of $80.92, so my bill will be $244.38 plus the $50. They take a credit card when you check in there, so it just gets billed to my credit card. I have a pretty high deductible, so it will all be coming out of my pocket. sighs. medical crap. oy.

Oh, I talked with a former coworker from my old job (she is participating in the Survivor pool) she says they have gone to 7 am to 7 pm hours now, AND Saturdays!!!! I remember my former bitch manager mentioning that the company was going to do that in the future. Good God Almighty, the more I think of how upset I was that I was fired from there, I am utterly grateful that I *was* let go to find my new job, at a place that I love, and am appreciated by the docs, my coworkers and the patients. Yesterday, the doc told us that we got compliments from 3 patients in a row about how nice and efficient we are!! He is impressed! Love it. Any time I drive by the old place where I worked, I give it the finger....

anyway, I am farting around here at home, until I have to go to my sister's. I will do a few house chores, then head out. Bundle up, kids. It's very cold outside and windy! blech!
03 March 2017 @ 03:05 pm
today was busy as hell, but it ended at 2 pm....now all is quiet and everyone is gone.
I have until 4 pm.
Gotta hit the market on the way home for a few foodie supplies.
no plans for tonight, other than vegging out.
My sister is working until 2 pm tomorrow and doesn't feel like going anywhere after work. maybe we can rent another Red Box movie and we can chill at her place.
We just found out Survivor starts next Wed night!! we both thought it would be later in the month, so we needed to start on our Survivor pool asap! I got the list of participants off the internet this morning and put it all together. She needs to bring copies of it to work, and I just need to email copies to a few folks. It is much fun and makes watching the show more fun. (I keep a Survivor folder on my desktop at home, and I start a new sheet from the last season, as soon as the season ends, so it is ready to go. I just need to plug in the names of the players. easy!)
Also Dancing with the Stars starts March 20. We are seeing if we can float our pool for that, as 3 people dropped out. We need 12 participants.
anyway, we will figure it out.
I got my taxes paperwork yesterday, so I signed on the dotted line and put in the mail for my CPA. I am going to be about $400 less than last year, because of unemployment and new job, etc....
I am going to have to put some money from my paycheck each week into my savings to help this for next year (I use my refund for my homeowners/auto ins and reg/insp my car, all due in January...)fark!
I tell ya.....
so, that's the latest.
Man it is so cold out!! I am glad it will only last a couple days, then back to warmer stuff.
My heating bill has been loving the warm! Me too.
One more week to more daylight! yahoo. Can't wait!
so that's it.
Have a lovely evening, All.
02 March 2017 @ 12:50 pm
It is so windy today...last night too. And it is getting colder. ugh.
but it should only last through Saturday, then warmer for sunday and next week. another rain event coming on Wed.
very tired today...gotta go to bed early tonight.
work is an easy day today. only 1 doc and he is leaving early.
busy day tomorrow.
that's pretty much it. no updates on anything else at the moment.
05 February 2017 @ 08:27 pm
my sister's boyfriend will have aortal heart valve replacement surgery tomorrow. He had rheumatic fever as a child and that borked his heart valve, not to mention he is in the 1-2% of people born with a 2 part valve, instead of the 3 part valve. He is healthy as a horse, with *no* other health complications, so this should be ok. I met the surgeon today, his name is Dr Sisto, and he is from Italy. Seemed like a very nice man. I believe he will do a great job, but prayer, juju, any thing you want to throw out there would be great.
Horst's daughters are concerned as is my sister...of course, but I think all will be well.
my sister has tomorrow off, and will text me when it's over.
Horst seems to be ok with it, but he is probably concerned, as well. who wouldn't be?

Saw "Lion" today in between visits with Horst. It was good. If you see it, bring tissues.

doing well with my diet. Feeling great. We will see what the doc says on Thursday.

Watching the Pats get their ass handed to them by the Falcons in the Big SporstBall Game.....
Just saw Lady GaGa do the half time entertainment. It was good!

Night all.
sweet dreams.
01 August 2016 @ 09:09 pm
all I can say about today, is Rabbit Rabbit and goodbye Monday.
concert at Hampton Beach was canceled-rain.
My car *almost* would not start after work. it finally did, and I cleaned the battery terminal when I got home.
now, going to Bedfordshire.
nighty night.
12 March 2016 @ 08:09 am
still progressing. the bruise is 98% gone, but lingers near my knee, on the inside side. I can finally feel the swelling going away on the backside of my thigh, mid to near knee. This past Thurs I hit a low point at work. my leg was quite uncomfortable, and I was standing a lot at my computer, which is not great either. I had one of my coworkers send a message to the PA I saw at the ortho office, with some questions I had. She got back to me and said that a muscle injury like mine was just going to take time, that they could see me sooner if I wished (I have a follow up appt scheduled for Mar 25) but that I should continue anti inflammatory, like advil or aleve, elevate and ice, when I can. So this morning, I can definitely tell the hard, swollen part is getting softer and not feeling so tight. Man, 3 weeks today! But I am finally seeing the light at the end of this long tunnel. Healing is a lot of work!!!
So today, I am hosting another Movie Afternoon at my house. Sister is getting out of work at 1:30, and coming over. Cousin Stephanie will come too. I am going to make some lunch for us (not sure what yet, I have to go to the market) and get a movie from Red Box. I will see what they have. I need to vacuum, empty trash/recycle, dust a bit, clean up kitchen. I need more birdseed for my little feathered friends.
The other day, I got TWO shower invitations in the mail! oy! One I knew about, the baby shower for Walter's niece Cassandra on Mar 26. I have made a baby blanket for her and it is finished. then I got a wedding shower invite for Walters' nephew Mike's fiancee, Kate. That one is for April 9. oy!! I have to figure that one out, as I have no ideas for a gift yet....
So I am off to do chores, then off to do shopping, then home for a relaxing afternoon.
Tonight we turn the clocks ahead for Daylight Savings! YAY! it will not get dark tomorrow until almost 7 pm!!
it will be delightful to get home in the daylight again from work!
So I wish you all a wonderful weekend!
15 January 2016 @ 08:02 pm
I had posted before that I had received a $100 Visa gift card for Christmas from the docs at the practice.
So, I decided I would get something for me, that *I* wanted.
I acquired all three seasons of PBS' Sherlock!! I found the first season (2010) at Wally world. Then the second and third seasons (2012, 2014) at Barnes & Noble.
*AND* I stopped into Wally world the other night, and found the latest Sherlock special for this year, The Abominable Bride (it was broadcast on Jan 1) Whoot!!!
I believe this is the only Sherlock for release this year, as they are having trouble getting all the cast together to film more, and I know there will be more! Probably in 2017....
Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have been very busy! along with some of the other cast members.
anyway, I will be spending the weekend with Sherlock and Dr Watson, and Insp. Lestrade and the housekeeper, Mrs Hudson and Moriarty and The Woman, etc!

(while I was at B&N, I asked them to look for some Alan Rickman movies I would like to acquire, but Truly, Madly, Deeply and Blow Dry are out of print...I may try Best Buy and see what they say. I have a few of his movies, but I would really like those, too. There are a few others, but I will see how that goes. I have about 7 or so of his movies in my library) sighs. How will we get along without him? sad.......

(oh, my finger is back to normal. no pain and the swelling is almost all gone. weird)

the weather is supposed to be shite tomorrow, so I am staying home for the weekend. Will watch the Pats game at 4:30, and enjoy my Sherlock!

One of my coworkers' (the cutest kid, Jessica) mom recently had a mastectomy for pre cancer. She is ok, but she has to take long term chemo meds. They are saying it might develop into cancer, even after her surgery and treatment! I gave Jessica some crystals for her mom before the surgery, a tumbled amethyst and rose quartz, to have during her surgery (the mom was thrilled and kept them in her pocket during the surgery!) I am going to make a cancer healing bracelet for her out of amethyst beads and swarovski crystals this weekend. Jessica is such a sweet kid. I feel bad for her family and her mom, having to go through all this. Fuck Cancer, man!! anyway, I want to make this for her so she has a focal point and to give her some 'mental help' with the crystals.

so I am so glad it is the weekend. Work is still good, but being on the phone all day can drain the ever loving crap out of you. By the time 5 pm on Friday arrives, we are all mentally whipped! So I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend. I have zero plans (unlike last weekend, with 2 parties!) Can't beat a Vegging Weekend! Sometimes, you just needs one.

have a great weekend, All. I will most likely post more.
22 February 2015 @ 09:03 am
I must have just needed the sleep last night. I went to bed at 8:30 and tried to read a bit, but conked out fairly soon after that...I had a hot pad on my neck and took a pain killer (left over from surgery) to help with my aches and pains. I don't usually do this, but I needed to last night...
I had gone to Wally's biker bar in Hampton Beach, yesterday afternoon, to celebrate my sister's boyfriend's 50th anniversary of getting his green card to come to the states from Germany. There were a few friends and family there and we had some food, drinks, played the jukebox, pool and had a nice time. I left at 5:30 and it was greasy driving on 95 to get home. They reduced the speed limit to 45. The snow was coming down wet and it was slick. I just took my time, and got home a bit later than expected but in one piece. The closer I got to Rochester, the lighter the snow, and we only got 3 inches last night. Good. but tomorrow will be frigid, they say. ugh.
Today, I am going out for a couple things, then bunking in for the rest of the day and going to watch the Oscars tonight. I may even take a nap as the show will run until 11 or even midnight...
I'm also trying to figure out how I can keep my cool for the 2 days I will be at the call center this week. ugh. I hate it so much...I need to get in a good headspace so I don't do any thing stupid....
I heard a new phrase on the BBC show "Grantchester" last night:
Christ on a bike!! it made me laugh.
and on Friday, a coworker of Julie M's stopped in and was telling us something about the workers at Disney. When they are dealing with a fucktard at their place, as they are leaving, the workers say "have a Magical Day!" which means "F*ck you!"
I may be using that this week and beyond.....
27 January 2015 @ 08:50 am
Someone told me yesterday that 'they' named this snow storm Juno.
(I would have to verify this...)
At 11 pm last night (I stayed up to watch Poirot "Curtain" again on TV) there was NO snow. This morning (I woke up around 8 am) it is a BLIZZARD! and I don't mean the kind you get at Dairy Queen!!
I have no idea how much we have up here yet, looks like a foot or so on my patio table out back. There is 6-8 inches of snow up the front door. I opened it and took a picture.
I am all comfy and cozy here. I just pray I don't lose power. The snow is very light, and there is *no* snow on any of the trees out back. The wind is keeping it off them, so I hope this will be a good thing.
There is no regular coverage on TV. All the local channels are running "SNOW STORM OF 2015" coverage! Channels 4, 5,6,7, and 9. bother.
Oh, well, I have scads of movies I can watch and stuff to read.
My sister is down in Florida, and was supposed to fly back tomorrow. Somehow, I don't think this will happen....we shall see.
Last night, I parked my car in my secondary spot, so they could plow my first spot later. Then I can move it to there, when that happens.
so, stay safe, everyone!
Happy Snowstorm!!
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